Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure 32.0

Help Dora get to the Rain Forest in time for Dora's birthday party!
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Nick Arcade

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure is a lovely game for kids in which you must help Dora reach the rainforest where she will be throwing her birthday party with her friends. In order to reach her home, you will have to pass a series of educational games in which your kid will learn to count, new words, recognize color, new words in Spanish and in English, among other things. Dora is very repetitive and talks aloud all the time, so that your kid can understand all the instructions and learn new things as he/she plays. During the game, you can also get crystals that you can later exchange for extra content such as printables with amazing drawings.
What is more, the game features really colorful and great quality graphics, good sounds and nice music for all the games. The games also have lots of introductions that help the kids familiarize with the characters in case they don't know them and also enjoy beautiful stories.
In short, Dora's Big Birthday Adventure is just another educational game of Dora in which your kid can learn new content while he/she has fun.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Four different locations to enjoy
  • Lovely story
  • Great graphics and music
  • Educational
  • Extra content


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